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The idea of Grassroot Farmers and Associate came to be because it’s one  thing to get to the market and another thing to find what you are  looking for. The jobs are not there. That is why from the outset, we  caught this light to raise job creators, not job seekers. The cheapest  way to be a job creator is to engage in Agro-preneurship, getting  involved in what will remain relevant for life. No matter the  development and heights anyone will scale, food will remain ever  relevant.
There is not going to be any laboratory in this life that  will prepare food in form of tablets to be taken and one will feel fed.  Food will be relevant as long as life remains. Think of an area of your  life where you will remain relevant and Agro-preneurship is one cheap  way to remain relevant in your adventure in life, particularly now that  the white collar job is going as the population is growing.

Agriculture, without mixing words, is the main stay of any setting, being a group of people, community, region, country or continent. It is the bedrock of any economy, serving the food needs, source of raw materials for most industries and as a major source of foreign exchange. Hitherto the discovery and exploration of petroleum oil in the late fifties in Nigeria, it was the main foreign income earning. Take a look at this; Nigeria exported 42% of groundnut globally before the oil boom but now 0%, cocoa accounted for 18% but today 0.4%, palm oil was 27% and now only 4% while, cotton came down to 0.3% from 12%.

On the 12th of August, 2016, It was a breaking news when the Federal Government of Nigeria announced that Nigeria spends one trillion Naira annually on the importation of only four food items, viz- rice, wheat, sugar and fish. Whereas, we have all it takes to produce to meet local consumption and export. It is true that the richest countries of the world today, especially, The United States of America built their economy from Agriculture, While, we gave sleeping injection to it when we found oil.

Nigeria with over 180 million people today and over 70 million farmers which is the biggest black nation needs a more articulated and integrated farming processes. We at All Grassroot Farming & Associates Nigeria Limited, have discovered that farmers, in spite of their efforts have remain poor, uninformed and of low productivity. The reason why many farmers remain poor is that the farmers act alone, plan alone, sell alone, bear their loses alone, and operate with limited resources with no adequate information on their right and contribution to have good governance. This is why All Grassroot Farming & Associates Nigeria Limited has taken the challenges to make its own contribution, especially in the Niger-Delta area with Delta State as the anchor state that has been adversely affected by the recent past youth restiveness, militants agitations, kidnapping and robbery because we know that food security will birth peace and progress when combined with good governance.

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